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Christmas Trees 

We have a large stock of Christmas trees available from the 26th of November, whatever your choice of tree we can help. 
We have 6 different varieties and the choice of different sizes along with both pot grown and freshly cut trees. 
You also have the option to buy your tree via our website with our 360-degree tree viewer where you can see your tree in full detail before you purchase. 
Order Online  
You can now order your tree via our webshop. We use 360° images to allow you to choose your tree from the comfort of your own home. Delivered by our own delivery service to local postcodes.  
Click & Collect  
A click and collect service will be available when you reach the checkout stage of your online order.  
The collection point will be situated outside the Plant Centre in a designated area with adjacent parking ensuring there is no need to enter the building. 
As always, you can visit our Plant Centre to choose your perfect tree from our huge selection of varieties, sizes and pot grown or freshly cut. 

Ordering Online  

Our Trees  

Our trees are available in several different varieties all either cut or container grown, to make sure you get the right one for you. 
Pot Grown and Cut Trees are available now!  
Cut - trees have been field grown and cut at ground level. 
Pot Grown - trees have been grown in pots as the name suggests. 
We cannot guarantee that our pot grown trees will survive when planted outside after they have spent time in a warm room over Christmas. 

Nordman Fir (Abies nordmaniana) 

Nordman Fir Colchester
Soft, flat, dark green, slow-drop needles. 
Often referred to as the 'non-drop' variety 
Traditional cone shape 
Fresh scent  
Available as a cut tree or pot grown. 

Fraser Fir (Picea fraseri)  

Thick dark green, slow drop needles 
Conical shape however slightly more narrow.  
Fresh scent  
Available as a pot-grown tree. 

Traditional Norway Spruce (Picea abies) 

Traditional Norway Spruce Colchester
Dark green needles 
Triangular shape 
Fresh pine scent 
Available as cut or pot-grown. 

Serbian Spruce (Picea omorika)  

Fine dark green-blue needles.  
Conical shape  
Fresh pine scent  
Available as a pot-grown tree. 

Blue Spruce (Picea pungens) 

Blue Spruce Colchester
Blue colouring  
Fresh pine scent  
Prickly needles 
Available as a pot-grown tree. 

Our Tree Care Top Tips  

- Before you come to buy your tree, choose where it's going to go. Ideally, this will be a well-lit corner, but where it isn't going to be crashed in to by chocolate-fuelled children, or wobbly adults from too much mulled wine. 
- Read about our trees. Some may be more suitable than others, depending on if you have young children, explorative pets or whether you want to plant it in the garden after Christmas. 
-Think about what size you will need. A small tree might look silly in a large room, whereas that 8ft giant that you've bought home on the roof of your car is not going to fit in your cottage unless you do some drastic pruning! 
- To make it last, make sure that you keep your tree watered and not too hot. Remember, they have never lived indoors. 
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