TEL: 01787 220281 
OPENING HOURS: Monday-Saturday 8:30am-5pm 
Sunday 10am-4pm 

Bulk Deliveries 

Full Load 
approx 1.5 tonnes 
Half Load 
approx 0.75 tonnes 
Well-rotted. Ideal for rose beds, allotments and vegetable patches. Improves soil structure and nutrient levels. 
Screened Topsoil 
Grade A (BS 3882). Ideal for lawns and topping up beds and planters to shallow depths. 
Topsoil - As Dug 
Good for raising levels in borders and raised beds. This has not been screened and so can be used at depths over 15cm without compromising soil structure and air porosity. 
Woodchip Mulch 
1 year old mixed species mulch. Ideal for weed suppression. 
Soil Improver 
Composted green waste. Greatly improves soil structure, nutrient levels and helps retain moisture. 
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