Production Nursery

Our Production nursery

Our Production Nursery is one of the largest in the North Essex area. It is located two miles from our Plant Centre near Coggeshall, Colchester.

There is a large greenhouse for propagation and care of tender plants along with an extensive outdoor growing area for hardy perennials and trees.

At the Nursery we have the capacity to grow thousands of plants from seed and cuttings and provide care for more established plants.

Hanging basket refills

We offer a hanging basket refill service. We take our customers empty hanging baskets and refill them with either summer or winter bedding and grow them on.

The baskets are kept irrigated on our hanging rails and well fed.

When customers collect their baskets they are well established and fulsome.

For further information please call in to the Plant Centre, telephone or email.

Trade customers

The Nursery also supplies many local businesses, both large and small, with plants.

We are able to grow to order and fulfil large trade orders. To enquire about becoming a trade customer click below.

Sustainability at the production nursery

Growing the majority of our plants on site reduces the need to import a large number of plants therefore reducing our carbon footprint and wastage.

Our ability to grow thousands of plants from seed and cuttings has been aided by the installation of sophisticated LED lighting into our propagation room at our Production Nursery. The grow lights bulbs emit the optimum wavelengths of light needed for photosynthesis, red, blue and far-red, which is why the lights appear pink. Our LEDs are far more efficient than sodium bulbs. Not only do they produce specific desired wavelengths, but they also have significantly reduced heat loss by comparison. The lights also use a sensor so they turn on and off as needed.

The Nursery is also home to one of our large rainwater collecting tanks. Between them, our tanks at the Nursery and the Plant Centre can hold over a million litres of harvested rainwater and runoff.

In the last 18 months we have installed a cutting machine so we can make our own recyclable labels for our plants. As we can make them ourselves, we only print and cut what we need so there is less wastage.

Our Nursery team are working with our suppliers to source the best peat free mediums to grow in. We are trialling the need to use additional feeds in these growing mediums and look forward to sharing our findings with our customers.

We are proud to use as many environmentally friendly methods as possible to grow our plants and we are always striving to find new ways to become more sustainable.

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